About Us

The Wellness Connection, Inc. (WCI) is a Salt Lake City based company that specializes in providing quality health promotion services to our corporate clients. WCI has been providing these services since 1994. Through the years thousands of employees have benefited from our services. The objective of WCI is to provide corporations with a broad spectrum of programs and information to help individuals find a healthy balance in their lives that will promote their overall well-being, thus improving their health, productivity, and quality of life. 

We offer a variety of services to our corporate clients, based on the specific needs of the company and their employees. WCI provides on-site wellness coordinators for each of our clients who manage our health and wellness programs. The amount of time the wellness coordinator is on-site depends on the needs of each company. 

For 15+ years each of our clients have earned the Utah Worksite Wellness platinum award, the highest achievement available, for their wellness programs and achievements.