Retirement Community

1. On-site Fitness Experiences

Our certified personal trainers and group exercise instructors will provide your residents with personal training, group exercise classes, and fitness testing. Our instructors are trained and certified in working with the specific population residing in retirement communities and have a deep-rooted love in working with them, having fun with them, and helping them feel successful! Have an on-site Fitness Center? We can manage that for you as well.

2. One-on-one Health Coaching

Our health coaches will provide one-on-one health support by providing expert coaching in nutrition and healthy lifestyles. This coach will meet with your residents’ face to face for a more successful experience along with the option of virtual coaching.

3. Customized Incentive Campaigns

We will create and implement engaging healthy incentive campaigns specifically for the needs and interests of your residents. These campaigns will encourage not only healthy behaviors in a fun way but help the residents get to know each other if desired and create comradery.

4. Health Events

We will provide your residents with fun health events that won’t only increase their awareness to health but also improve their moral. Health fairs, intramural tournaments, resident & family Fun Run/Walk, Wellness Bingo, and national health events are just a few of the events we will plan and implement for you.

5. Health Education

We look at the health needs and interest of your residents and we provide them with the health education necessary for them to succeed. Everything is customizable for your residents. A few of the possibilities are: 

  1. Chronic disease education and management 
  2. Healthy at any Age 
  3. Weight Management Course
  4. Monthly Lunch-N-Learns on hot health topics